White letters

Integrate knowledge and modern technologies

CORE’s local and international experts with extensive experiences in global consulting firms commit to live up to your highest expectations.

In addition to specialized staff always flexible to meet uniqueness of each project, CORE is with leading partners applying innovative management technologies such as Construction Management Center (CMC), Virtual Reality (VR), Building Information Modeling (BIM).

Remarkably, CORE is the first organization in Vietnam to exploit CMC in construction management process. Application of modern technologies not only helps CORE optimizes work performance but also helps the Client and contractors monitor, control project schedule effectively, online, on time.


Provide comprehensive, high quality consulting services

Besides full time staff, CORE is able to mobilize leading local and international specialists from diverse areas and offer a comprehensive consulting service from ideation to completion.

Complete projects within budget, on schedule, at highest quality and safety

With responsibility, integrity and respect, CORE’s professionals commit to assist the Client to complete the project within budget, on schedule, at highest quality and safety.


Create sustainable values to stakeholders in projects.

CORE always makes best effort to learn and find out the most creative, feasible solutions that maximize values to the Clients and involved parties.