Come to an appointment, Team building of CORE Team on the occasion of CORE’s birthday on September 15, hundreds of CORE’s member gather in Da Lat to exchange, play and connect so that CORE Team understands each other better and unites more. and more developed.
It’s not wrong to say that it doesn’t matter where you go and what you do, it matters who you go with, so the past 3 days because of going together and considering each other as a family, all members of the company have had an unforgettable experience.
Although the BTC has launched many challenging games in terms of both mind and strength, with the spirit of “United we stand” of all 04 teams, all have successfully completed and overcome the challenges with a funny.
The Gala Dinner with a cozy atmosphere is a quiet time for everyone to spend time sitting together, looking back on the journey of development and sticking with the company, sharing emotions, and also an opportunity for everyone to have a motivation in ahead as speech by Nguyen Ha Trang – CEO: “Thank each member for their efforts in the past time and be proud of the achievements. Better things are still ahead, and we will continue to work together for it.” And BOD also appreciates the members who have reached the milestone of 5 years of dedication.
In addition to general activities, there are also group activities and time for people to relax, visit, enjoy the atmosphere and beauty of the city of thousands of flowers.
The trip has ended and the whole team has returned to daily work, let’s look back at the moments of Teambuilding 2022 and see you soon in meaningful events in the near future.